We are sponsoring the Baltic Chain Bicycle Tour

It is a big honour for us to be one of the sponsors for Baltic Chain Bicycle tour.

Baltic Chain Bicycle tour was revived in the year 2011 to remember the common will to freedom of the Baltic people. In the august of 1989, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians stood side-by-side in a 600 km long human chain, sending the whole world a strong message – we want to live as free peoples in a free land.






In cooperation with Diotech Electric, we are constructing the vast majority of solar power plants built by Enefit Green in 2020

Enefit Green AS, subsidiary of Eesti Energia AS, was looking for a framework agreement partner for building solar power plants until the end of 2020. We are proud to announce that in the heavy competition the best offer was the joint offer by Solar Wheel and Diotech Electric OÜ.

Being a partner of the framework agreement is both a recognition and a considerable challenge. We are grateful to the team of Enefit Green for their trust in us. We will give our best so the solar plants to be built are of high quality and operate properly during their planned lifetime.




We built solar power plants on the roof of Tartu Science Park in cooperation with Diotech Electric

We constructed direct line solar power plants with a combined output of 180 kW on the roof of the Tartu Science Park. As a result of this work, companies operating in the Tartu Science Park will be supplied with solar energy, which will cover a large part of the yearly consumption of the habitants of the Science Park.







We launched an innovative solar power plant service

Solar power plant service enables the client to start producing solar energy without making an initial investment if they own an appropriate property. A service contract lasting ca 7-10 years is a prerequisite.

The aim is to make solar power accessible to all who are interested in it, regardless of if they have an initial investment or know-how to build a plant.
We invest in building the plant on the client’s property and maintain the solar plant constructed by us for the whole service period.

When the service period ends, the client assumes ownership of the plant. The service model enables acquiring a solar plant without the need of additional funding, because the necessary resources required for obtaining a plant will be earned as the result of producing electricity from the sun. Since the life expectancy of the plant is more than 25 years, the client has potential to earn from production for at least 10+ years after the service contract ends.

With careful planning, solar energy offers an alternative to traditional electrical energy that is beneficial both in a financial and in an environmental sense.