About the company

Solar Wheel OÜ started operations when prices of renewable energy equipment fell on the international market and the country’s attitude towards using renewable energy solutions became favorable…

Our staff has long-term experience in the field of strong current. We have performed high-current works for buildings of different complexity and size (ports, hospitals, schools, office buildings, health trails etc.). In addition to the strong current competence, our employees have passed several renewable and solar energy trainings.

Solar Wheel OÜ is a company that offers a variety of solar energy solutions tailored to to the needs and available options of the client.

We build solar power generating microgeneration plants, production plants, off-grid and hybrid power plants both for individuals and for companies.

We are a certified dealer, installer and maintainer for several well-known renewable energy manufacturers:
JA SOLARLG SOLAR,,  SolarEdge, Kostal, Victron Energy, SMA, BYD, Fronius, Canadian Solar, Wagner, Renusol, S Flex, ABB


We do our job precisely and dutifully. We support the client from the spark of the idea until the system is connected to the grid.


Why install solar panels?

The cost of electrical energy with additional expenses is rising constantly. A solar power plant allows independence of the energy market and decrease the impact your way of life has on the pollution of the surrounding environment. Electricity generated for self-consumption has no additional expenses: network fees, excise, renewable energy charge, value added tax.

In many cases, solar energy has become a business venture, where power plants generate energy only for selling it to the grid. In addition to the effective Nord Pool exchange price, Elering AS is currently paying a subsidy of 0.0537 euros for kWh, which adds up to about 0.1 euros of revenue per kWh.

The life expectancy of solar power plants is already over 30 years for modern equipment and the investment payback period shortens with every year. Building renewable power plants is supported with varying measures by PRIA, Kredex and KiK.


Why should you choose us to resolve this process that is quite complicated for the client?

  • we perform a cost-benefit analysis based on the specifics of the site using special simulation software which accounts for the features of the site in a very detailed manner. The analysis also deals in detail with the financial side and we make our offer on the site based on this analysis;
  • we will draw up a project that meets all requirements;
  • we help with organizing all the paperwork;
  • we will use only renewed and high-quality materials when building the solar plant;
  • we organize control measurements and pre-commission inspection;
  • we carry out maintenance and handling jobs so the whole system works without problems and with maximum productivity;
  • we give a 5-year warranty for all performed works, solar panels have a factory warranty of 10 years or more, 5 years or more for the inverters.


On-grid systems

To produce electricity for a household, it is possible to construct a solar power plant that covers personal energy needs and to become a micro-producer. Power-generating equipment up to 15kW is classified as microgeneration equipment. All energy left over from self-consumption can be sold for the exchange price that applies to the network company. Electricity sales contract with a network company is needed to sell electricity.
An application needs to be submitted to Elering to receive additional subsidy for renewable energy produced for the grid.

If the plan is to produce electricity for sale, then it’s possible to construct a solar power plant with an output of more than 15kW.
A plant with an output of up to 200kW is considered a small producer.
A plant with an output of more than 200kW is considered an electricity producer.
The bigger the production equipment the more substantial is the associated organization and paperwork.

All solar power plants can be built on a roof, a facade or separately on ground.
A solar power plant is an effective way to lower the energy label of the building.

Off-grid systems

If you are in a situation where:
  • It is impossible to connect to the grid
  • It is too expensive to connect to the grid
  • The quality and failure assurance of the grid does not satisfy you
  • You wish to be totally independent of the electricity market

then it is possible to build a completely standalone system, which generates all the necessary electrical power for you. An off-grid system is not connected to a network and it uses the solar panels to charge batteries. Due to the batteries, it is also possible to consume electricity after sunset.

Off-grid systems are an appropriate match for private houses or summer homes.